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Kitchen Remodeling

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Valley Home Construction has a friendly Kitchen Design staff who offer Platinum service with attention to every detail. Our Kitchen Designers use the latest products to aid in Designing your new Kitchen. Call (916) 375-8800 to schedule a FREE in home consultation.

Studies have shown homeowners with updated & Remodeled Kitchens can look forward to receiving a whopping 90-100% return on their investment.

“If you’re in the greater Sacramento area and are considering Redesigning or  Remodeling your Kitchen, give us a call and the Valley Home Construction Design Team will assist you in Designing your Custom Kitchen just for you!”

Tired of looking at the same kitchen over and over again?

Kitchen too small?

Need new appliances?

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Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

Remodeling your Kitchen or Bathroom is a great way to help transform your house into your dream home. The Valley Home Construction Design Team will design a custom Kitchen & Bath just for you & your lifestyle! Kitchens often reflect who we are and serve as a retreat from the hectic lifestyles we live. People want a kitchen that is functional, but they also want a place to relax or to entertain. But most of all, because “You deserve it”.

Remodeling will update a tired & old Kitchen with a new layout, Appliances, Fixtures, Countertops, Cabinets, Flooring, Paint and more.

Remodeling will make your new Kitchen into a more efficient, enjoyable place for you, family & friends to spend time.

Remodeling with the Valley Home Care Team will give you a fresh new look that fits in with your style and budget.

Getting Started with your Kitchen Remodel in Sacramento

Determine what you really want in advance. What are your basic priorities and the goals of what you want your remodel to achieve? Then write down what your ultimate wishes are. Remember, this is your home, be creative, think outside of the box!

Go to your local Bookstore and look through some of the wonderful books now available. Purchase some magazines & cut some pictures and articles out that best reflect the look and feel that you are wanting to achieve. Make notes and write down questions you have about the various products and designs that you may be potentially interested in.

Determine Your Budget

This is A must! This step is too often overlooked. This will really decide what you can do and how you will go about doing it. How much can you afford to spend? Are you familiar with current remodeling costs and the value of home improvements? Were you aware that Kitchen Remodeling is one of the best investments you can make to your home? It is very possible to get a 100 % return on your kitchen remodeling investment.

Consider how will you finance the project and if necessary, make inquiries into financing with your mortgage broker, mortgage lender or credit union. Determine if you will pay for the improvements by cash, home improvement loan, home equity line of credit, re-finance, or taking out a second mortgage?

Now its time to contact Valley Home Construction. The initial consultation is FREE. Generally, the first appointment will last between 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours. This meeting would take place at your home. While meeting at your home, we will take rough measurements and we’ll discuss your project to determine what your needs are and get a good general overview of your wish list. Most companies in the kitchen and bath industry will either design your project or build it – one or the other, not with Valley Home Construction. When you work with a company that only does one or the other, you run the risk of ending up with plans that you can’t afford to build or having a poorly planned project that will cost you more than you expected. Because Valley Home Construction works directly with the Designer/Cabinet maker we provide our own design services and fabricate everything in-house, we can help you set a budget for your project and guarantee a realistic price quote, all with the confidence of knowing that everything will fit together as planned. This is very important and also assures that you get a quality project – completed on time, and on budget.

Working with a designer will help pull all the pieces of your project puzzle together. Our designer will keep you from getting bogged down in details that can throw your planning off track. You’ll be free to dream, while our designer thinks through all the measurements, material coordination, and construction logistics.

For example, you might want a recycling center, but you can’t quite figure out where it would fit so you decide to go without it. If you were working with a designer, they might know exactly how to make the recycling center work based on their experience with similar kitchens and their specialized training. Or you may have always wanted a dramatic beamed ceiling but assumed that your house couldn’t support it. A designer could tell you that decorative beams often can be installed below the ceiling line without requiring any structural changes.

In other words, a good designer will help you do it right the first time, see possibilities where you could not, and make the entire experience go smoothly. Call now for a FREE consultation. (916) 375-8800.